The dyeing workshop uses a simple method to detect the quality of the pre-treated cloth

2021-06-21 14:38:54 浙江恒生印染有限公司 Viewd 931

As a craftsman in the dyeing workshop, I am more afraid of the hidden problems of the pre-treatment of the cloth and the possible problems of some pre-treatment and pad dyeing. When such problems are found during dyeing and the machine stops to find the cause, it usually takes a lot of time. To deal with it, and many questions are difficult to find answers. According to the summary of many years of experience, when dyeing, take a cloth sample with a length equal to the width of the cloth from the pre-treatment process, use the warp direction as the weft direction, and the weft direction as the warp direction (that is, rotate 90°), together with the normal production cloth For dyeing, if you find a problem, compare the defect distribution and shape of the two cloths, and you can generally find the cause. For example, it can be distinguished whether the middle edge color is caused by pre-treatment or pad dyeing; it can be distinguished whether some continuous defects are caused by pad dyeing; some dark wrinkles in the pre-treatment that are not easy to find; the stop printing of the pre-treatment, etc.