Hengsheng Dyeing and Finishing is an enterprise mainly engaged in home textile dyeing and finishing, with home textile fabric dyeing and finishing, warp knitting dyeing and finishing, package dyeing, skein dyeing, silk dyeing, and colorful segment dyeing as the main business. There are 2 printing and dyeing companies. : Zhejiang Hengsheng Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengsheng Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch

Among them, Zhejiang Hengsheng has 9 branch factories and a trading company, namely: Rolling dyeing 1 Factory, Rolling dyeing 2 Factory, Home Textile Tactory, Stretch Yarn Factory, Warp Knitting 1 Factory, Warp Knitting 2 Factory, Hank Yarn 1 Factory, Hank Yarn 2 Factory, Hank Yarn 3 Factory and Hengqun Trading Co., Ltd.

From a small factory in Jinfeng when it was founded to the establishment of Hangzhou Hengsheng in 2000, to the birth of Zhejiang Hengsheng in 2007, Hengsheng has experienced a difficult journey from the entrepreneurial period to the development period.

Zhejiang Hengsheng Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in September 2007 and has now become the largest dyeing and finishing company in the region.

The company has invested heavily in the introduction of environmental protection facilities such as sewage air flotation and sewage biochemical. At the same time, innovative research and development of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, and the introduction of advanced boiler atmospheric water film dust removal devices, waste purifiers, waste heat recyclers and oil-water separators, etc. The use of these environmental protection facilities has greatly improved the production and surrounding environment of the enterprise.

Today, Hengsheng has successively passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and the Swiss Textile Inspection Center's ecological textile international certification, which provides an ecological safety guarantee for the export of textiles.

Daily sewage treatment